Top 20 NuGet expression Packages

Evaluate, Compile and Execute C# code at runtime. Support: Dynamic LINQ, Extension Method, Expando Object, and more! Online Example: Include free and prime features.
FastExpressionCompiler is 10-40x times faster than Expression.Compile()
A library that converts cron expressions into human readable descriptions. Supports multiple languages including: English, Brazillian, Spanish, Norwgian, Turkish, Dutch, Chinese Simplified, Russian, French, German, Ukrainian, Persian (Farsi), Polish, Romanian Italian, Swedish, Slovenian, Danish, Fi...
This is a port of NCalc for .NET Core applications.
Runtime expressions parser and evaluator (formulas, conditions, method calls, properties/indexers etc). Builds LINQ expression tree and compiles it to lambda delegate with full support of dynamically typed variables. Source code and examples:
C# expression interpreter/evaluator
Performs fast, deep or shallow clone using simple assignment operations generated by Expression Tree runtime code compilation.
A Simple Math and Pseudo C# Expression Evaluator Can also execute small C# like scripts. Syntax is easily customizable
An extension method for Linq and DLR Expressions, producing readable, C# source-code versions of Expression Trees. Targets .NET 3.5+ and .NET Standard 1.0+
A multi-platform expression parsing and evaluating framework.
Lambda expression to JavaScript converter: converts System.Linq.ExpressionTree to syntactically correct JavaScript code. See the project page for more.
Translate from linq expressions to C# code
xFunc provides a powerful parser and analyzer for mathematical expressions. It excels at calculating derivatives, simplifying expressions, and achieving high performance.
Flee is Fast Lightweight Expression Evaluator.
Dynamically computed values to sort/facet/search on based on a pluggable grammar for the Lucene.NET full-text search engine library from The Apache Software Foundation. Documentation: This package is part of the Lucene...
Regular expression matching library.
StringToExpression supports the compiling a domain specific string into a .NET expression. Out of the box configuration is provided for parsing arithmetic expressions and for parsing OData filter strings. Although can be configured to parse string of any format
The Xamarin.Forms front end for CSharpMath.