Top 20 NuGet eventsourcing Packages

Orleans EventSourcing Couchbase EventStore Plusin
A RavenDB event store implementation for Inforigami.Regalo.Core.
Simple, fully unit-tested fake implementations of interfaces from Inforigami.Regalo.Core, to aid unit testing.
A PostgreSql storage provider for Ledger
Azure Transports and EventStore for NDomain, an extensible DDD CQRS ES framework.
Redis transports and subscription storage for NDomain, an extensible DDD CQRS ES framework.
Event sourcing persistance implementation using MySQL and NHibernate.
An EventStore ( event store implementation for Inforigami.Regalo.Core.
EnjoyCQRS.TestFramework is a framework to provides the minimal infrastructure for testing the CQRS & Event Sourcing architecture.
Core implementation of event sourcing pattern
Relational databases based event store implementation
A Mediator.Net's middleware that plugs into the publish pipeline to send event to EventStore, it is usually being used for event sourcing.
A simple DDD event sourcing library based entirely on my learnings from Greg Young's DDD, CQRS and Event Sourcing course.
Temporary public package of Simple Event Store's Document DB storage until ASOS publish packages from their repository.
EnjoyCQRS.DependencyInjection.Autofac is an Autofac extensions.
A Microsoft SQL Server event store implementation for Regalo.Core.
NES (.NET Event Sourcing) is a lightweight framework that helps you build domain models when you're doing event sourcing.
AggregateSource.EventStore provides integration with GetEventStore (
AggregateSource.NEventStore provides integration with NEventStore (