Top 20 NuGet dotnetcore Packages

A .NET Core Host friendly Slack API client for the Slack HTTP API
Jot is a library for tracking application state. Typically this includes window sizes and locations, last entered data, application settings, and user preferences. In short: a better alternative to using settings files.
An implementation of HATEOAS for aspnet core web api projects which gives full control of which links to apply to models returned from your api.
Microservice framework with powerful service discovery using Consul
The collection of the functionality for Azure Storage, Blob, Queue and Table.
The ML.NET HealthCheck for Kubernetes Clusters.
The Azure Storage HealthCheck for Kubernetes Clusters.
The Data Protection Azure Based Library for AspNetCore and GenericHost.
Let's Encrypt library that can be used with IHost.
.NET Core Global Tool that creates a folder and copies dotfiles into it therefore seeding a folder.
Extension methods for caching data in Entity Framework Core using NCache Professional.
A lightning fast Emoji library for .NET and TypeScript
This DatabaseCommand is a set of components helping C# developers to execute SQL Queries and to retrieve data from SQL Server, Oracle, SQLite, ... It is a light and pragmatic framework that contains only the essential classes needed to create SQL query strings, define parameters and transaction, and...
Swashbuckle.AspNetCore extensions for DotVVM.
Bing.Biz是Bing应用框架的公共业务基础类库。 Bing是一个.net core平台下的应用框架,旨在于提升小型团队的开发能力,由常用公共操作类、架构基类、第三方组件封装、第三方业务接口封装等组成。
Extended WPF Toolkit™ as .NETCoreApp3.0 libraries
.Net Core port of NEventSocket
A base code library for implementing Pact tests
ZeroMQ(也称为 ØMQ,0MQ 或 zmq)是一个可嵌入的网络通讯库(对 Socket 进行了封装)。 它提供了携带跨越多种传输协议(如:进程内,进程间,TCP 和多播)的原子消息的 sockets 。 有了ZeroMQ,我们可以通过发布-订阅、任务分发、和请求-回复等模式来建立 N-N 的 socket 连接。 ZeroMQ 的异步 I / O 模型为我们提供可扩展的基于异步消息处理任务的多核应用程序。当前组件使用了NetMQ 为CAP提供了 发布-订阅, 推送-拉取两种消息模式。 示例请参见Sample.ZeroMQ.InMemory, 当测试 推送-拉取 消息模式时 , 可以启动 ...
LiteDB是一个小型的.NET平台开源的NoSQL类型的轻量级文件数据库。特点是小和快,dll文件只有200K大小,而且支持LINQ和命令行操作,数据库是一个单一文件,类似Sqlite。为CAP存储了本地文件的NoSQL存储方式, 示例请参见 Sample.LiteDB.InMemory