Top 20 NuGet dotnetcore Packages

aliyun.oss.sdk.core 2.5.3
A library that wraps the Cisco Meraki Dashboard API, providing a mockable, strongly-typed interface.
The collection of Polly Policies and HttpClientFactory configurations to support Resilience for HTTP based Microservices calls.
The abstraction library for Bet.Extensions.Resilience i.e. HTTP, SQL.
Bing.Datas.EntityFramework.Oracle 是Bing应用框架的EntityFrameworkCore.Oracle数据访问类库。
This client library enables client applications to connect to Azure Cosmos via the SQL API. Azure Cosmos is a globally distributed, multi-model database service. For more information, refer to
The collection of Http Message Delegating Handlers.
Bet.Extensions.Hosting.Resilience library enables functionality used with GenericHost such as CorrelationId.
A set of packages to allow for better usecase compoisition when dealing with large pieces of logic
A library designed for various types of tasks. Part of the RIS "ecosystem".
A library designed for various types of tasks. The core of the RIS "ecosystem".
Bing.Ddd.Domain 是Bing应用框架的领域模型中领域层类库。
Bing.Ddd.Application.Contracts 是Bing应用框架的领域模型中应用层抽象类库。
Bing.Data.Sql 是Bing应用框架的SQL查询封装的类库。
Bing.Data 是Bing应用框架的数据抽象类库。
Bing.Auditing 是Bing应用框架的审计功能类库。
Bing.AspNetCore.Mvc.Contracts 组件,抽象MVC的功能。
Bing.AspNetCore.Mvc 组件,提供AspNetCore的Mvc功能的封装。
This is a cross-platform library providing document layout services to GrapeCity.Documents.Word (GcWord). Adding a reference to this library to a project that uses GcWord will provide GcWordDocument.SaveAsPdf() extension methods, which will allow to export Word documents to PDF. This library does no...
Util.Ui.Core是Util应用框架的Ui核心类库。 Util是一个.net core平台下的应用框架,旨在提升小型团队的开发输出能力,由常用公共操作类(工具类)、分层架构基类、Ui组件,第三方组件封装,第三方业务接口封装,配套代码生成模板,权限等组成。