Top 20 NuGet dotnetcore Packages

🗦🌔 LuNari is Lua for .NET on Conari engine All actual Lua versions, like: Lua 5.4, 5.3, 5.2, 5.1, ... MIT License: ## Why LuNari ? Most popular features that will be adapted to your needs on the fly. 🔍 Easy to start: ...
This library provides an implementation for client-side encryption for Azure Cosmos's SQL API. For more information, refer to
A .NET Standard library for using the Dark Sky API.
Bearer Token and logging to fast start any ASP.NET Core project
Application Insights Tracing module for DotVVM
Gdal bindings for dotnet core ( Runtime dependencies available for Windows x64 and Linux x64 (Gdal.Core.LinuxRuntime and Gdal.Core.WindowsRuntime). This package is using 2.3.0-dev Gdal version. Gdal is compiled with the following packages: * HDF4 * HDF5 ...
Provides access to network information and notification of network status changes.
Provides additional input and output (I/O) types.
Provides additional collection classes and extensions.
Mvc controls toolkit CosmoDB/DocumentDB utilities
Telegraphy.Net adapter for azure storage (tables/queues/blobs)
Telegraphy.Net adapter for azure service bus
Telegraphy.Net adapter for event hubs
Gdal runtime dependencies for Linux x64. Includes following packages: * libhdf4-dev ( 4.2.10 ) * libhdf5-dev (1.8.16) * libgeos-dev (3.5.0) * libproj-dev (4.9.2) * limkml-dev (1.3.0) * libnetcdf-dev (4.4.0) * libsqlite3-dev (3.11.0) * libspatialite (4.3.0)
Bing.Datas.EntityFramework.SqlServer 是Bing应用框架的EntityFrameworkCore.SqlServer数据访问类库。
Bing.Datas.EntityFramework.MySql 是Bing应用框架的EntityFrameworkCore.MySql数据访问类库。