Top 20 NuGet dotnet-new Packages

Package Description
Templates that can be used as starting points for new games, built with of osu! framework.
Templates for Google Cloud Functions Framework
An out-of-box UI solution for enterprise applications as a Blazor boilerplate.
MLEM Library for Extending MonoGame cross-platform project templates
C# dotnet templates for creating ETL applications with actionETL. - "actionetl.console" template creates an actionETL console project - "actionetl.addtoproject" template adds actionETL to an existing project Please see actionET...
A dotnet-new template to start off plugins for the Flow Launcher.
Templates for projects using different unit test providers and Templates for SpecFlow files.
A full-featured starter template for "dotnet new" to quickly scaffold a .Net 5 Web-Api project with MongoDB as the data store.
Templates to use when creating an application for Suke Core WebApi Application.
Creating a projects for enterprise to fulfill the entire needs. The project template consist of Core, Mobile, Desktop, Machine Learning, Design Prototype, Web Projects.
Templates to use when creating an Antlr application.
FUSEE Template for dotnet.
Templates for a SpiderEye .Net Core application with a webview UI
Ready made templates to create applications based on JCOBridge. The templates are ready made starting points, all information and APIs are available in the official website
Install the package: $ dotnet new -i Genocs.CleanArchitectureTemplate::0.1.13 The full clean project: $ dotnet new cleanarchitecture
Templates to create Ext.NET Classic v7 projects.
Templates that can be used to scaffold new MSBuild.Sdk.SqlProj projects.
多奇教育訓練製作的 "dotnet new" 範本套件
A collection of blazor templates.