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.net core Taurus Web Fx Razor Page Model CRUD Item Templates
$ dotnet new -i Paulovich.Caju::0.7.3 $ dotnet new manga It generates a .NET Solution following the Clean Architecture Style, DDD and Separation of Concerns in Domain, Application, Infrastructure and UI.
Fable templates
Package Description
Templates to use when creating apps and hybrid apps with Experimental Mobile Blazor Bindings for iOS, Android, WPF, and macOS.
Templates to use when creating an h5 based- application.
.NET Core 3.1 Console application template with appsettings configuration, dependency injection, and some useful extensions.
.net core tool
A 'dotnet new' template for creating a fully-featured, 12 Factor, ASP.NET Core Web API for AKS
Blazor project template hosted on clean architecture.
Template to create a TheIdServer solution.
Templates to use when creating an application for Adatum Corporation.
Templates to use when creating an web application for Dot Net Core.
Templates to use when creating an application for Advent Of Code problems.
Free Template for setting up full Asp.Net Core apps with k8s
$ dotnet new -i Paulovich.Manga $ dotnet new manga It creates a .NET Solution with a layered backend (Domain - Application - Infrastructure - WebApi) with the Clean Architecture Style.
A set of templates written for the GeneticSharp: TSP Blazor, basic console application, TSP console application and TSP Unity3d. * Install the templates with command: dotnet new -i GeneticSharp.Templates * Create new projects for GeneticCharp: * dotnet new GeneticSharpTspBlazorAp...
Nybus is an application framework that allows you to build message-based applications. This package contains templates that can be used to quickly create new applications.
This release has the ability to scaffold out an entire .NET Core project with Aurelia CLI. This will help streamline the Aurelia build process and enable rapid development in an integrated environment. You can generate a full fledge secure application with the --secure true option on top of all...
ASP.NET Core API based on DDD