Top 20 NuGet dotnet-new Packages

Templates to help quick-start a Mixin project using SharpILMixins.
Template to use when creating a new AspNet Core application hosted inside an Azure Functions V3 HTTP Trigger.
A dotnet-new template to start off plugins for the Flow Launcher.
Template to get you started with Dash.NET
.NET Core templates for Stylet, the lightweight but powerful ViewModel-First MVVM framework for WPF
FUSEE Template for dotnet.
Templates for a SpiderEye .Net Core application with a webview UI
Template generator for Easify framework
Templates that creates files to enforce coding conventions.
Template for creating frends tasks.
Templates to use when creating an application for RESTfulAPI.
Templates to use when creating applications based on the Ultraviolet Framework.
Templates project for REO.
Templates to use when creating an application for Cocoondo.
Templates to create Ext.NET Classic v7 projects.
Templates to simplify your work, especially for test automation. First package included is an integrationFixture template:
Templates used to create RTI Connext DDS C# Applications After installing, the following templates are available: dotnet new dds-console
This is a project template for Redis Cluster + Docker + .Net Core 3.1 API, using `dotnet new -i Superwalnut.RedisClusterTemplate` to install project as a template, And using `dotnet new redis-dotnet-core` to create a project with the template.
Configurable Clean Architecture template containing the DDD + CQRS approach for .NET Core applications.
Contains custom dotnet templates for Spectre Systems