Top 20 NuGet domain Packages

Abstraction of Repository and Unit of Work pattern
Reduce your code churn when mapping between your entity and domain layers. Simply have your repositories and entities inherit from the provided classes and interfaces, define your AutoMapper config and you're done. Supports IoC injection of database context and AutoMapper configuration.
This is a Ninject-based bootstrapper for CharacterGen
Plug-In providing MongoDB implementations for storing domain specific meta data.
Repository and Unit of Work classes to work with DDDToolkit and SQL database using Entity Framework Core
Mailgun Email Sender API Wrapper for ASP.NET Core apps With this useful service you can send email through Mailgun. API Key and other params are set in the sender class constructor. Intended use is within ASP.NET Core apps using MVC; inject the service into the DI container (inside Startup.cs use ...
Integrate it into your app to perform domain registration.
Basic TauCode domain-aware functionality
DomainWorkflows shared utilities
DomainWorkflows core types and abstractions
Domain utilities.
Qowaiv implements common, universal domain objects. These types form the base of your domain model.
Framework Domain Base
Framework Pattern
Projeto que permite a utilização de maneira simples do pattern "Domain notifications". Esse projeto é altamente baseado no projeto Flunt ( Porém a necessidade de utilizar o projeto em uma versão do .NET Standard inferior a versão 1.3 e a necessidade de traduzi...
Core for building domain-driven, functional and event-based applications.
Qowaiv Validation supports a generic interface for (domain) model validation.