Top 20 NuGet domain Packages

We are a hybrid event source as a service. You can use a fully indexed and powerful event source that is highly scalable and fast as hell. Or you can use document style data storage to simply persist state. Or you can use both, we're cool like that.
Extensions to support working with DDDToolkit with Entity Framework Core.
Core set of classes to support development using DDD.
Generic application services for CRUD operations with DDDToolkit.
API controller to work with DDD toolkit. Provides REST routes for CRUD operations on Aggregates.
Qowaiv implements common, universal domain objects. These types form the base of your domain model.
Biblioteca de modelo de dados e modelos canônicos de transferência de dados.
Support for event sourcing using DDD
Qowaiv Validation supports a generic interface for (domain) model validation.
domainD repository implementation using NEventStore
Defines abstractions for consumer driven event subscription based on NEventStore library
This is the lightweight core library for Rolosoft Domain Parser.