Top 20 NuGet domain Packages

Our base classes to manage viewModels.
Domain layer
Domain utilities.
Allows the addition of Event assemblies during the startup of an ASP .Net Core application.
Provides domain models and supporting types.
Provides Royal Mail domain models.
xUnit tests for netfx-Patterns.DomainCommands
.NET domain name parsing library (uses
Provides a wrapper around the standard FTP types.
T4 code generation templates for N-Tier Entity Framework with EF4. Install this package for MyProject.Server.Domain.Edmx projekt if you target EF4.
EF5 provider for N-Tier Entity Framework.
Contiene clases que definen el contrato para una implementacion de repository, unit of work, entity, etc. Debe ser referenciado en la capa de dominio bajo una arquitectura domain driven design.
.NET Data Model for Jenkins build factory REST API.
The Domain Manager package is a handy content dashboard item for viewing domains within an Umbraco application. It allows editors to view each domain, it's culture and which node the domain is associated to. The dashboard item also allows editors to remove domains too. This package is especially goo...
A highly customizable and lightweight template engine for Microsoft .NET and Mono.
The persistence companion for dddlib, a domain driven design library for .NET
A library that implements an InMemory repository and unit of work