Top 20 NuGet documentdb Packages

Use Ninject as your IoC container of choice with Microsoft Azure DocumentDB for CQRS.NET
Microsoft Dependency Injection extension methods
Simple repository pattern for DocumentDB
CosmosAutoScaler provides auto-scale capabilities to increase the performance of the operations while keeping the cost to the minimum. Cosmos autoscale handles the single and bulk operations seperately. During the single operation, CosmosAutoScaler will send requests by keeping the RU minimum until ...
The library that provides methods that will help you with monitoring and logging CosmosDB with ApplicationInsights.
This library provides: 1) Automatic retry logic with overloads taking both synchronous and asynchronous delegates compatible with all DocumentDB client methods. 2) A "query interceptor" that A) both allows use of the aforementioned retry logic with Linq IQueryables against DocumentDB (this supports ...
BeatPulse.DocumentDb is the health check package for Azure DocumentDb on BeatPulse
This package contains the runtime assemblies for Microsoft.Azure.WebJobs.Extensions.DocumentDB. For more information, please visit
DocumentDB Adaptor For LitterBox Caching
Microsoft Azure DocumentDB helper
AspNet Identity Azure DocumentDB Implementation.
Framework in C # for the abstract creation of repositories. Implementation for DocumentDB.
Slazure is a ORM/ODM type data mapper for schema-free NoSQL databases. Slazure automatically maps data entities between your code and the database data model. This package enables Slazure to work with Azure DocumentDB. Contains Slazure Light edition component.
(OBSOLETE: Since Audit.AzureDocumentDB >= 7.0.0 is strongly named) Store Audit.NET Trail Logs into an Azure Document DB database
A library that implements an Azure DocumentDb repository and unit of work
Azure CosmosDB/DocumentDB Provider to support AspNet Identity Core 2.x frameworks for .NET.
Extensions for the Microsoft Azure DocumentDB library.
Repository for EntityFrameworkCore, DocumentDb, etc
FileStorage is a document database with file system.