Top 20 NuGet documentdb Packages

This package adds support to Microsoft Azure DocumentDB for Hangfire
Kode-Aid shared Azure Cosmos document DB library.
Provides common types for persisting domain objects to DocumentDB.
An ADO.NET provider for DocumentDb.
A .NET library that provides additional functionality for interacting with Azure Cosmos DB.
Provides a DocumentDB storage engine for Simple Event Store (SES)
Simple Event Store (SES) provides a lightweight event sourcing abstraction.
Durable and reliable long running and background jobs processing. Features: Detailed progress tracking. Stop, reset, and restart jobs. Scale out with multiple Shift servers. Encryption for serialized data. Run in most .NET apps, Windows services, Azure WebJobs. Auto removal of completed jobs. Can us...
Contains an implementation of a Reader/Write sink for AzureDocumentDb for the Invisionware Settings Library
Contains an implementation of a Reader/Write sink for Json.NET for the Invisionware Settings Library
Repository pattern for Cosmos/DocumentDB.
Mvc controls toolkit CosmoDB/DocumentDB utilities
CosmosDB (DocumentDB) database provider for OpenCQRS domain store.
This package contains binding extensions for Cosmonaut's CosmosStore for Azure Cosmos DB.
An SQL generator multi-tool for .NET. This package adds dialect support for DocumentDb.
Xigadee Azure library contains a set of communication and persistence components built on the Microsoft Azure libraries.
A Cosmos DB / DocumentDB Storage Provider for ASP.NET Core Identity
ASP.NET Core Identity for Cosmos/DocumentDB powered by Oogi2.
SharpRepository generic repository Azure DocumentDb implementation
Use Azure Cosmos DB (DocumentDB) as an event store, read store and data store in CQRS.NET