Top 20 NuGet contracts Packages

OS33 API data contracts
Code Contracts and common functionalities used by other PostSharp pattern libraries. An official PostSharp pattern library.
Argument validation made simple and unified. It ensures arguments conforms to simple validation rules and provides an uniformed exception throwing strategy if arguments are invalid.
Useful guard clauses that simplify argument validity checking and make your code more readable.
Exposes contracts used by the Rule Evaluation Engine Validation Framework.
Contains all Contracts and Models used by the consolidated Rule Evaluation Engine validation framework.
This Guards project is a light-weight toolbox which helps you to protect your public interfaces against invalid parameters being passed over.
Implements the XMPP IoT legal identities, smart contracts and signatures extesion as defined by the IEEE XMPP IoT Interface working group.
Reports diagnostics, helping you to annotate your source tree with (Item)NotNull / (Item)CanBeNull attributes. See also: You need Visual Studio 2015/2017/2019 and Resharper v9 or higher to use this analyzer. See package "...
Contracts for Storm Connect.
Referenced by microservice public-facing interfaces. Provides common facilities that are needed to define a service's contract. Part of the Microdot framework.
Common contracts for a Modular Architecture.
Package Description
Shortcut to throw exceptions to make defensive programming fun and more effective. Non intrusive.
Contracts used with Storm ExportFeedService
Simple Guard (or DbC) implementation.
Contains necessary contract classes for other Calculus libraries.
Package Description
A distributed contracts-based sender/handler messaging system built on RabbitMQ and BearBones-Messaging
Contains the core message contracts for MicroBus which includes the command, query and event interfaces