Top 20 NuGet contracts Packages

Execution of Dataflows
Roslyn analyzer for enforcing null contracts
Messages used for producer/consumer on RabbitMQ bus
Fail early. Fail often. Guard assertions + code contracts. (Warning: Interface is likely to change wildly between versions. Use with caution.)
Contracts for the Flint-Cli
Contracts for Aleph1.Security
Contracts for sending and receiving messages in Fleet Intelligence Platform.
Support for common message contracts for .NET Core.
Featurify.Contracts provides all the necessary interfaces required to define classes required while adding the Featurify package for implementing user specific feature toggles
Package Description
Package Description
Package Description
Shortcut to throw exceptions to make defensive programming fun and more effective. Non intrusive.
Helper package to use with build servers. Contains all CodeContracts binaries and integrates into MSBuild build process.
Package Description
Messages to be used in Differenent Services at NHIF