Top 20 NuGet contracts Packages

Supplies a basic set of C# utilities (extensions, code contracts etc.).
Common contracts for a Modular Architecture.
Enterprise Smart Contracts Testdrive - CryptletCore library for building .Net based Cryptlets and Blockchain Contract Proxies.
The Contracts library by Nexus Labs provides shorthand syntax for checking conditions. Often we'll write code that will check if parameters are null, or to validate string input as not being null/empty/whitespace and it results in a lot of boilerplate code. This aims to reduce that with a cleaner sy...
Helper package to use with build servers. Contains all CodeContracts binaries and integrates into MSBuild build process.
A distributed contracts-based sender/handler messaging system built on RabbitMQ and BearBones-Messaging
Contains necessary contract classes for other Calculus libraries.
Contract testing tool for .NET Core.
Long Running Process Execution in Dotnet. Runs long running processes in the background of your application allowing you to fire and forget any long running processes you may need to execute. The cross cutting concerns running throughout the Microphobia platform.
Data Contracts for Composable Analytics
Various built-in Modules for Composable Analytics
Package Description
Exposes contracts used by the Rule Evaluation Engine Validation Framework.
Contains all Contracts and Models used by the consolidated Rule Evaluation Engine validation framework.
ClassFactory Contracts.
Helper methods for validating method arguments in .NET 4.5 and upwards. Similar to the Code Contracts feature, but even easier to use.
Implementação de contratos semelhante ao Design by Contract da Eiffel
Contracts for AggregateBus implementation
Simple Design by contract library supporting PreConditions and PostConditions