Top 20 NuGet contract Packages

A high-performance, extensible argument validation library.
Package Description
Design by contract programming support
A simple but flexible parameter validation library.
This Guards project is a light-weight toolbox which helps you to protect your public interfaces against invalid parameters being passed over.
Package Description
Puresharp is a Framework that provides the essential APIs to productively build high quality (.NET 4.5.2+ & .NET Core 2.1+) applications through reliability, scalability and performance without no compromise.
Base classes (like suits, ranks, cards, auction, play, contract) that are helpful in creating a bridge card game.
IPuresharp urbanize libraries with strategic private code to lay transparent foundations for Puresharp API .NET
Neo - NEO•ONE Fork
Library containing simple interfaces for data access based on DoubleA.EntityModel
Neo.VM - NEO•ONE Fork
Simple helper methods for verifying argument values.
Lightweight Runtime-Only Contracts for .Net Standard 2.0. Focus lies on Readability and Extensibility. Under MIT License.
Collection of simple pieces of reusable code designed such that dependencies aren't forced upon consumers of its packages. Package is shipped as source code.
boost_contract-vc141. Compiler: Visual Studio 2017 15.9.58.
A library for building contract based execution flows, providing computational expression builder for the classic Async<Choice> where Choice is recrated as a Type called Result.