Top 20 NuGet contract Packages

WinRT library for structured data sharing using data formats
Guardly is a defensive programming framework
Its a little/tiny/simple way to create your proxy/channel from a service contract
Simple Design by contract library supporting PreConditions and PostConditions
C++ Virtual Machine compatible with NEO standard.
Library representing the desing by contract programing such as precondition, postconditions, and object invariants
This library provides guard clauses that could be used to guard against not expected values. It provides conditions for objects, strings, numerics, datatime and enumerables. It is possible to configure which exception should be thrown.
.NET library for mapping to and from contract types using Max and Entity Framework 6.
Restract.Contract contains all requeired classes for defining Restract proxy contracts.
Contract (duplicate) bridge model for .Net
NEO smart contract / blockchain emulator.
Bitherium blockchain
A common library that contains interfaces,enums,helper methods used across other DotNetHelper Libraries
boost_contract-vc90. Compiler: Visual Studio 2008 SP1.
boost_contract-vc80. Compiler: Visual Studio 2005 SP1.