Top 20 NuGet container Packages

A SimpleInjector plugin for FeatureSelect
DryIoc implementation with Autofac surface API
Package Description
Package Description
A lightweight library to run tests with throwaway instances of Docker containers.
The Command Management System supports the implementation of methods and classes as executable commands or actions. This is e.g. practical if you want to implement chat bots or react to actions by incoming packets within a server. Supported platforms: * .NET 4.5 * .NET 4.6 * .NET Standard 2.0
Find the difference between two sequences of blobs on Azure Blob Storage
NServiceLocator implementation for Ninject. NOTE: this implementation is in NO WAY endorsed or supported by the Ninject team - it is a wrapper by a different author.
Self-contained single-user file system written in C#.
In a set of instances that run identical code, elect a temporary leader to execute short-lived management functions. For High Availability and Scale, applications and services may run on several instances of containers, VMs or service hosts. Yet, some functions are best executed by a single instanc...
Microsoft Azure Container Instance Management Library
A simple dependency injection container with focus on the bare necessities.
Injector - simple IoC container, that implents register and resolve
Helper and Extensions for Docker Container interactions.
Yet another dependency injection framework, focused on extensibility and performance.
Dynamo IoC Web Extensions provide web specific lifetimes (request and session) and integrates with both Mvc 4 and the new Web Api (including using Scopes).
Simple ServiceLocator wrapper. Differs from the Microsoft offering by exposing binding in the common interface.
A lightweight and very fast managed IoC (Inversion of Control) and DI (Dependency Injection) with support for constructor, property and method call injection. Supports Silverlight 4-5, WinRT, Windows Phone 7.1-8, NET 2-4.5.
A simple interface for function-descriptor style IoC containers. Includes an embedded Munq container by default.
Structuremap container support, for the dotnettency Mutlitenancy library for dotnet standard compatible applications.