Top 20 NuGet connection Packages

Parse SQL connection string url to known SQL connection string.
Xamarin android binding library of ReactiveNetworkBinding.
Tools and extensions for working with data.
An extension library for StackExchange.Redis which adds Multiplexer connection pool abstraction and implementation
Oracle database module for GenericSqlProvider.
A library to parse postgres connection strings
The data connection dialog is a database tool component released with Visual Studio. It allows users to build connection strings and to connect to specific data sources. In order to use the data connection dialog independently of Visual Studio, we have released the standalone source code. You can i...
Simple retry logic providing resistant connection to the Windows Azure SQL Database. Implemented as extension methods of SqlConnection and SqlCommand classes. Has no dependences to Enterprise Library or NHibernate. Does not require any configuration. Inspired by Microsoft's Topaz project.
Provides .NET wrappers around the ODBC interface for Unity Connection. Requires the installation of the IBM Informix client SDK ADO.NET drivers at a minimum
This is a convenient Windows and Windows Phone multi-language API for making Internet connection state decisions in real time, using the speed result to decide if/when to run your network-intensive code. This API does not need to eat a bunch of network bandwidth to do it's job. This API fills a s...
Simplifies writing to and reading from the appSettings and connectionStrings sections of the config file
This package Contais all the nessary thing for connectiong database creating database.
HyperVRemote control from C# wrapping WMI
Provides UI for SQL server connection string configuration.
Classes for extending the System.Configuration namespace.
An interactive fallback configuration (keys not found are requested through the console) for Marconi, a minimalistic framework for distributed micro services.
Discovery over binary location on configuration (alla COM) for Marconi, a minimalistic framework for distributed micro services.
Routing-aware Web server based on OWIN for Marconi, a minimalistic framework for distributed micro services.