Top 20 NuGet automation Packages

SDK for accessing Lucidtech AI Services
Gravity API, Web Driver abstraction. Allows to create any type and or combination of Web Driver, using a simple API abstraction which can also be send over HTTP.
Email extension for Magenic's automation quick start framework
Appium extension for Magenic's automation quick start framework
Extensions package for Rhino API products line.
Base component for Rhino API connectors.
Base component for Atlassian based connectors.
Connector for Azure DevOps and Team Foundation Server (TFS).
Invoke-Build is a build and test automation tool which invokes tasks defined in PowerShell v2.0+ scripts. It is similar to psake but arguably easier to use and more powerful. It is complete, bug free, well covered by tests.
It is a library to realize various kinds of code generation using Codeer.TestAssistantPro.
Cross-platform build automation system
Intuitive, robust browser automation for the .NET platform. This package includes the Coypu 3 framework assembly, which should be referenced by your tests. Supported platforms: - .NET Framework 4.5+ - .NET Standard 2.0+ - .NET Core 2.0+
Cross-platform build automation system
Cross-platform build automation system
A feature complete and easy to use .Net wrapper of the official 3Commas API.
Dynamics 365/CDS Library to support automation of common build and deployment tasks
Includes the Ginger Executorservice endpoints routes together with the requests/response classes
Responsible for executing Rhino Specs using Gravity API Automation Engine.
Library to Manage Mobile Devices hosted in SeeTest Cloud.
NReco.PhantomJS is a .NET wrapper for running PhantomJS (headless WebKit browser) from C#/.NET code.