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Contains standard attributes for improving documentation quality. Also contains tools for writing custom attributes and processors
Documentation publisher for .NET Web API projects
A class library for managing multi-threaded sequential write access to one or more files. It is capable of flushing writes from multiple threads in batches by either hitting a specified size threshold or a specified inactivity time limit. It is also possible to write this batching information within...
Convention based configuration API for the Microsoft Unity IoC container. With just a few lines of code, you can now registere all your classes in the entire solution. If the built-in conventions doesn't fit your needs, it is very easy to extend with your own.
TCore helpers for UWP (Behaviors, Converters, Auto View, etc...)
Auto complete command prompts for C# .Net console apps. This library provides APIs that can be used to accept input from command line with the added functionality. The user can supply prefilled input, edit it, use Up or Down arrow to go throught the input options supplied or even press a key to go ...
Proof of Console (POConsole) is a console productivity tool for .NET developer's that want to prototype and run code in class libraries without writing virtually ANY boilerplate code.
Async compatible auto and manual reset events for NetStandard 2.0 and .NET 4.5
This is an Automation Reporting Tool which creates report in dynamic html page with rich graphs,helps in creating Excel Report,enables you to create output report in JSON format, Comes with auto mail trigger feature where configured outlook can send automation test report with visualisationa and Pow...
Bring back the asterisks.
Auto create WinForm for class with attributes «FormControlAttribute»
This is a Sql automatic data mapping library which extends the SqlConnection class. It is intended to be as simple to use as possible through the use of one parameter generic query methods and attributes
.NET's fastest JSON, JSV and CSV Text Serializers. Fast, Light, Resilient. Contains ServiceStack's high-performance text-processing powers, for more info see:
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