Top 20 NuGet auto Packages

Extends NSubstitute with capability to automatically construct instances of an object, with optional automatic mapping of injected parameters.
It help us to validate any entity without instance any validator
Simple Data Model with CRUD functionality using EF
Automatic test subject mocking using Moq.
A MemoryCache which tries to prevent cache miss for hot entries, by refreshing before expiration.
A plugin for Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore to support automatically recording data changes history. This version has been enhanced with additional configuration options. This was originally based on Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.AutoHistory.
Package Description
An alternative command implementation for the "AlternateLife.RageMP.Net" library. This library automates type parsing for you and allows you to have various parameters for your commands. With the command system used by "AlternateLife.RageMP.Net" you have to use following parameters for your commands...
Auto INotifyPropertyChanged with Fody and other implementation options.
Auto Refresh extension for RingCentral.Net
Powerful customisable tool for mapping entities to each other. Entities can be plain objects, DataReaders, SQL commands and anything you need. The tool uses run-time code generation via the Emit library. It is usefull for dealing with DTO objects, data access layers an so on.
Convention based configuration API for the Microsoft Unity IoC container. With just a few lines of code, you can now registere all your classes in the entire solution. If the built-in conventions doesn't fit your needs, it is very easy to extend with your own.
Addes an attached behavior to your project that can be used to configure Popups to automatically follow their PlacementTarget
Animate dependency object property very fluently.
Auto database migration tool.
Generate data transfer object (DTO) classes from simple T4 templates. Reduce amount of boilerplate code you need to write. Let Visual Studio's T4 templating engine do the work for you.
Automatically creates a NuGet package from your project each time it builds. The NuGet package is placed in the project's output directory.
Automated Cleaning Tool, allowing to reduce manual cleanup code in SetUp / TearDown methods used in test projects.