Top 20 NuGet attributes Packages

AngleSharp is the ultimate angle brackets parser library. It parses HTML5, CSS3, and XML to construct a DOM based on the official W3C specification.
A source code only package which allows you to use .NET Core 3.0's new nullable attributes in older target frameworks like .NET Standard 2.0 or the "old" .NET Framework. This package does not contain any compiled binaries, but instead adds a single C# file with the attribute classes to your project...
Route messages based on Routing Attributes. Includes attributes for Exchange, Queue and Routing.
MrAdvice allows to weave aspects at build-time (just like PostSharp, but free as in free beer). Write your own aspects in the form of attributes and apply them to target methods or properties. This version does not require any dependency (on the opposite of MrAdvice.Fody which requires Fody).
CodePorting.Native Cs2Cpp is a framework to automatically port code from C# to C++. Ported code can be compiled using Visual Studio, GCC or Clang and can run on Windows and Linux. This package features attributes that can be used in a code being porter to control porter's behavior.
Caching Attributes; method caching with interceptors on .netcore3.1 using Castle Windsor DI DynamicProxying, via Cache Attribute
Simple NHibernate mapper using attributes against entity classes and properties.
Simple OpenApi extensions as attributes
Superset of MEF attributes. In addition to Export/Import contains attributes to support modern IOC (DryIoc) features
This package helps you to build messaging job on attributes.
Configure messages and topology with attributes.
Common functionality for .Net applications - generic repository interface, helper methods for working with attributes, built-in types, etc.
Attribute based mapping for NHibernate.
Extensions for configuring Autofac with attributes
Attributes for configuring Autofac registrations
Create Databases and Tables dynamically just by extending SQLiteModel class and applying proper Attributes. No query Generation Whatsoever. It uses MVC Architecture based Approach, And provides a effective way to create persistent Models.
Creates and edits classes, properties and attributes at runtime.
Bus Client that is API compatible with 1.x.
Decorate Stem classes to describe your REST API.