Top 20 NuGet attributes Packages

Bus Client that is API compatible with 1.x.
Decorate Stem classes to describe your REST API.
This package makes a FromHeader attribute available in order to get values from request header straight from controller parameters in ASP.NET WebApi
REST API framework so hot it sustains its own wind system. This package installs Stems for ASP.NET Core and the Entity Framework Core data source.
CsvReader FileLock PathParser SafeFileOverwriter GetNumberedFilePath StreamToBytes BytesToStream StreamToString StringToStream StringToBytes BytesToString ReadStruct WriteStruct ClearFolder ClearFolderRecursive GetFolderSize GetFolderSizeRecursive CountFilesRecursive IsFolder IsFile FolderIsEmpty Is...
An extension for the FluentFiles.FixedLength package that enables attribute-based configuration.
An extension for the FluentFiles.Delimited package that enables attribute-based configuration.
This Package Contain Useful Library And Extension Method For Easy Develop High Tech .Net Core Application. ForExample : Implementation Of Convertor, FileOperation, FileLoger, Encryption, Hash, Validation, ...
Package Description
Advanced implementation of the Authentication filter and Authorization attribute for WebApi utilization.
The core library for FluentFiles.*.Attributes packages.
WebScale wrapper arround Minor.Nijn framework.
Essential attributes for decorating Stem classes.
Extensions for NUnit testing framework.
C# Property Mapper that utilizes attributes in order to perform the mapping. While I personally love auto mappers, I don't like being forced to configure one type to another. In the end, I am just mapping one set of properties to another set of properties. All I care about is that the names match ...
A collection of attributes for modern testing.
This library contains the patching attributes for the Patchwork assembly modification framework. You must reference this library from your patch assembly.
Attribute-based schema definitions for GraphQL in .NET
Proposed prerelease attributes to signify members/types that are prerelease