Top 20 NuGet Packages

Microsoft.Azure.AppConfiguration.AspNetCore allows developers to use Microsoft Azure App Configuration service as a configuration source in their Legacy .NET applications. This package adds additional features for ASP.NET 4.x applications to the existing package Microsoft.Extensions.Configurat...
The BootstrapDatepicker control for DotVVM made by DotVVM Contrib community.
Xml Export for Core
Shared basic functions to make developing of new elements easier
Left a few wanted Items
It is an package related to PrimeVueLibrary.JS project, built from PrimeVue project. It uses "pvl-" prefixed tags and provides HtmlHelper extension method for using DataAnnotation attributes for generating valid pvl html tags.
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Easy-to-use SimCaptcha for ASP.NET Core
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Simple wrapper for running IIS Express
A collection of customized Twitter's Bootstrap themes that may be included into your projects. The themes support Bootstrap version 3 and some of version 4. It contains CSS files embedded as static resources that are served to client applications on demand.
A utility pack to create maintainanle UI test for ASP.NET MVC projects using Selenium
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