Top 20 NuGet angular Packages

Reference in SPA modules (Asp.Net.Core) to enable build and packaging.
Web API self hosting for Single Page Application with Angular 2+. Middleware for OWIN pipeline. This application infrasrtucture for SPA on the Web API services.
Features: -Define hotkeys on an entire route, automatically binding and unbinding them as you navigate -Automatic listing of shortcuts when users hit the ? key -Super duper unit tests
The basic idea: each time we add one or more promises to an instance of a promiseTracker, that instance's active() method will return true until all added promises are resolved. A common use case is showing some sort of loading spinner while some http requests are loading.
Angular-breadcrumb is a module for AngularJS, which generates a breadcrumb for any page of your application. It is strongly based on the ui-router framework and its hierarchical tree of states. Key features Build a breadcrumb with a step for each state in the current state's hierarchy, Display a h...
This directive allows you to add a jQueryUI DatePicker to your form elements
angular-ui datagrid
Based on AngularJS 1.3.0-rc.4. Only JS files. Includes minified files. Excludes i18n files.
An all angular/native JS ranger slider that is mobile friendly and super fast.
Angular2 (NG2) Webpack middleware for painlessly using Webpack bundling in an ASP.NET Core applications.
This is an easy to deploy directive to allow creation of Highchart components through AngularJS.
Angular.Breeze.StorageWIP provides an API to export all client data from Breeze to local storage, and import it back into Breeze retaning all metadata, state and object relations. It also supports an API for saving Work in Progress (WIP) to local storage. Works great with HotTowel.Angular
A pure-javascript integration tester for AngularJS that can be run inline with application code. Written by Matias Niemelä and offered from Breeze Labs with his kind permission. This package adds a single file, "ngMidwayTester.js" to your project's "scripts" folder. See the author's post, "Full-Sp...
You can use the helper when creating metadata by hand to improve workflow and reduce data entry errors. The helper reflects an opinion about developer workflow that may or may not work for you. Use the helper "as is" or use for inspiration in creating your own.
TypeScript, Angular and Knockout compatible, super-functional and fully customizable grid. TGrid can work on any* device and any screen resolution. It dynamically adjusts content for screen and even changes the layout. TGrid grid supports any (really any) number of rows that can be loaded dynamicall...
Plugins for videogular 0.3.1 from 2fdevs. Videogular is an HTML5 video player for AngularJS.
Based on videogular 0.3.1. Videogular is an HTML5 video player for AngularJS.
Default Theme for videogular 0.3.1 from 2fdevs. Videogular is an HTML5 video player for AngularJS.
AngularJS bindings for Firebase.