Top 20 NuGet adapter Packages

Wire up your logging with the NLog logging framework.
Log4Net adapter for AnyLog
UsbEject Microsoft.Extensions.Logging Adapter
XLogger adapter to write logs in the console
This is the ASP.NET Core 2.x adapter for the Logfile library capable of logging information in a structured way, retaining the information instead of just serializing it all into a human readable string.
Library that acts as an adapter for White to FlaUI.
Extensions to quickly migrate old Rhino Mocks to Moq
Oracle database module for GenericSqlProvider.
Powered by Castle Core, the AdapterInterceptor enables the generation of efficient dynamic proxies for proxying or adapting invocation contracts without requiring virtual methods on the target.
Implementation of adapter of MEF to Common Service Locator, by Glen Block.
MembershipProviderAdapter, RoleProviderAdapter and related classes. WARNING: Not to be used in MVC4 since it's AccountController refers the new WebMatrix.WebData.SimpleMembershipProvider!
Injectable file adapters
Messages are evenly distributed amongst the namespaces and data centers provided in configuration through a TopicAdapter and then aggregated into an endless loop using a SubscriptionAdapter.
NFeatureGate Azure Table Storage Adapter
K3 Trading Exchange adapter driver
K3 Trading Exchange adapeter driver
This project is a simple interface for handling basic web security operations, e.g. registration, logging a user on, logging a user out.
AnyLog core library
NLog adapter for AnyLog