Top 20 NuGet xunit Packages

Fluent assertions wrapper for XUnit
Allows creating reliable, flexible and fast VS SDK integration (VSIX) tests that run using any xUnit capable runner, such as Visual Studio built-in Test Explorer or TestDriven.NET.
Category Trait helper library for xUnit 2 tests (e.g. UnitTestAttribute)
A fluent assertion .NET Standard library for xUnit version 2.
Implementation of ITestCaseOrderer to enforcing xUnit to run the facts in strict order
Platform agnostic unit test runner
JSTest.NET is a lightweight managed wrapper around the Windows Script Host (CScript.exe) available on any Windows machine. JSTest.NET enables JavaScript unit tests to be run directly in the test framework of your choice (MSTest, NUnit, xUnit, etc) without the need for a web browser. JSTest.NET is fo...
Provides xUnit extensions for XML files or data.
Bundles together various packages to use xUnit and Moq.
Provides xUnit extensions for HTML files or data.
Simple convention-tester
Adds 'message' parameter to Assertions. It is generated from source code. Nunit, Mstest, Xunit is supported.
Run XUnit tests in a remote process
Helpers and extensions for the testing framework.
Support for running v2 tests on the UI thread
Xunit.AspNetCore.Integration builds upon AspNetCore.IntegrationTesting by providing a few abstractions to help write integration tests with XUnit.
Integration testing and unit testing helpers.
An xUnit TestFramework that uses Autofac to resolve tests and their dependencies
Deleporter Core (use Deleporter.Server/Deleporter.Client for easy setup) - Simple Cross Process Stubbing. Deleporter is a lightweight .NET library that teleports arbitrary delegates into an ASP.NET application in some other process (e.g. hosted in IIS) and runs them there. One use case is stubbing ...
Transforms a v2 XML test results file into a JUnit test results file.