Top 20 NuGet xunit Packages

Xunit-based test framework for automating test cases. Supports .NET 4.5.2 or later and .NET Core 2.0.
BDD Framework for xUnit and .Net Core
BDD Framework for xUnit and .Net Core
Kode-Aid shared XUnit library.
Approval testing for xUnit
Unit Testing with Local Functions 🐯 Use Xunit to write TDD or BDD tests: ✔️ Arrange / Act / Assert ✔️ Given / When / Then ✔️ Context / Specification
Xunit add-on for Swagger/OpenAPI-driven integration testing API's built on ASP.NET Core
Provides an ITestCaseOrderer that allows you to control the order of execution of Xunit tests within a class.
NCrunch.Framework is a run-time library for NCrunch users. This library contains attributes and tools that enable some very powerful features within NCrunch.
Aurochses.Xunit.Selenium is a library for creating xUnit tests for Selenium.
Aurochses.Xunit.AspNetCore.Mvc.Localization is a library for creating xUnit tests for ASP.NET Core MVC Localization.
An xUnit TestFramework that uses Autofac to resolve tests and their dependencies
Extension to xunit to produce human readable Given/When/Then reports in xml, markdown and HTML
Unit test, integration test and functional test helpers. Includes mocked HttpContext, ActionContext, UserManager and SignInManager. Also includes startup extensions to assert that services has been registered and some extension methods to modify security policies (like bypass a policy).
A number of simple methods to test database objects and execute sql. Currently supports Microsoft SQL Server databases.
Helper functions for opening test data files. Handles tests running under Live Unit Testing.
xUnit Custom adapter for SpecFlow that allows running scenarios without code generation.
Extensions and Orderers for Songhay xUnit projects
Set of extensible constraints extensions to work on-top of various unit test frameworks.
Xunit helper and infrastructure