Top 20 NuGet xunit Packages

Easy to use, small, SignalR Core unit testing support with xUnit and Moq. Check my github for NUnit or MSTest version.
PrettyTest provides nicer test explorer names for XUnit test cases. Unit test names are transformed using conventions to be more readable. Heavly inspired by the blogpost
A small wrapper over AutoMock to simplify writing tests for Xunit.
Library for testing Q# programs and algorithms using the xUnit framework.
Extends xUnit.Net with Behavior Driven Development style fixtures.
Extension to XUnit that allows you to resolve test classes out of Ninject.
Crawler-Lib Concurrency Testing allows to write unit tests with multiple threads to test the concurrency behavior of components. It has synchronization mechanisms to control the workflow of the threads and to record the execution steps. It is also possible to use it for client/server tests. ...
A simple nuget package that just includes other nuget packages I use to make XUnit tests.
IIS Express unit test kit for
Logs test run information to PocketLogger and, optionally, to a log file.
MVC Route Unit Tester provides convenient, easy to use methods that let you unit test the route table in your ASP.NET MVC application, including Area routes. Unlike many libraries, this lets you test routes both ways -- both incoming and outgoing. You can specify an incoming request and make one of ...
Extension to XUnit that allows you to resolve test classes out of a dependency injection container.
Should extensions for the XUnit framework
A Xunit plugin that allows a test to try again if it fails.
Capture serilog log events to xUnit output
A Serilog sink that writes log events to the Xunit test output (for netcore2.0).
Provides xUnit extensions for JSON files or data.
A Dapplo.Log XUnit logger
An xUnit extension to dynamically generate human readable test names.
BDD Framework for xUnit and .Net Core