Top 20 NuGet windsor Packages

Provides simple configuration to allow substituting Castle.Windsor components during tests.
Logging of method's executions in aspect approach for types registered in Windsor container
Azure ServiceFabric integration support for Castle Windsor
ServiceBridge implementation for Castle Windsor.
This library integrate ServiceBridge with MassActivation for Castle Windsor implementation.
ServiceBridge.Interception implementation for Castle Windsor.
Castle Windsor boostrap for use with Microsoft ASP.NET MVC.
Castle Windsor bootstrap for use with Microsoft ASP.NET Web API.
Autofac extension methods facilitating MeasureIt functionality.
Castle Windsor bootstrap for use with Microsoft ASP.NET MVC.
Fluent registration and conventions for windsor
Global filters for ASP.Net MVC2+ Windsor Adapter
A startup sample for Caliburn.Micro using Windsor
A pack of extension methods which improves your coding experience while using Castle.Windsor IoC-container
Validation Classes using Castle Windsor
Automatic mock creation and registration.
Squire decoupled castle windsor extensions.
This handy extension allows you to define code regardless of the final IoC container, this is to allow you to use windsor
A Castle Windsor implementation of the Web Service IoC components.
Utilities and helper classes aimed at streamlining common Castle Windsor configuration needs.