Top 20 NuGet windsor Packages

Castle Windsor integration package for logging facility via NLog.
Boxes.Windsor integrates the powerful Castle.Windsor with Boxes.Core to provide a solution for developing compositional applications.
A Castle Windsor implementation of the IoC resolver used in Atlas.ServiceBus
A Castle Windsor Pipeline Implementation for MediatR
Provides a castle windsor adapter for the sitemapify ASP.NET sitemap handler
Castle Windsor Bootstrap for use with Microsoft ASP.NET Web API.
Extension library for Castle Windsor container. Decorator Registration, ResolveByName resolver, AppSetting resolver
WindsorContainer implementation of the Shuttle.Core.Container dependency injection interfaces
The tool dynamically injects dependencies and let you cache repository calls to memcached (the most poular cross-plaform caching system).
Common utilities for Windsor.
Windsor Implementation of the "Dependency Injection" pattern for Cortoxa Framework. Cortoxa Framework is a Powerful Framework for faster and easier building .Net applications based on Dependency Injection patterns. Contains implementation of common "Design Patterns".
Squire mongo windsor extensions.
Squire web castle windsor extensions.
Extensions to the base Container4AspNet framework to enable configuration of Castle Windsor.
Asp.Net MVC specific configuration of Container4AspNet using Castle Windsor.
Asp.Net WebApi specific configuration of Container4AspNet using Castle Windsor.
Utilities and helper classes for simplifying configuration of Asp.Net WebApi using Castle Windsor.
Castle Windsor extensions for Nimbus.
Integrate Castle windsor to owin.
Integrates CommonProvider to Castle Windsor Ioc for resolving dependencies.