Top 20 NuGet wpf Packages

A cross-platform mobile framework using C# .NET and Mono to create shared-code UI on iOS, Android, Windows and Webkit.
DirectX Platform specific UI rendering ... part of effort to have cross platform UI stack based on XAML. Targets Windows 7 Desktop scenarios.
OmniXAML bridge for WPF.
This package is community-run and supercedes the old OpenTK.GLControl package. OpenTK.GLControl is a Windows.Forms Control with OpenGL rendering capabilities. Use it to add accelerated 3d graphics to your Windows.Forms or Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) application. Features - Integrate 3d g...
Provides a convenient way to run async tasks with proper callback and exception handling. This is especially useful when running async code from the UI context (e.g. WPF). Supports parallel Tasks, Cancellation as well as Dependency Injection. Commonly used Types: ITaskHelper TaskHelper TaskExtensio...
ArcGIS Runtime controls and utilities for Windows desktop (WPF) apps.
Common WPF library.
Allow printing ThermalLabel SDK content from WPF and WinForms scenarios
The specific libraries for WPF. This package needs the main UniversalSerializer package.
Some useful code from book by Jacek Matulewski
Some useful code from book by Jacek Matulewski
Form validation for WPF
Wpf app-like side menu
XamlWatcher WPF
Markout Output Renderer
Markout Input Parser
Printing library for WPF
Create bindings directly from lambda expressions using CodeBinding
A simple Windows icon manipulation library which allows 32-bit color .ico files to be saved.