Top 20 NuGet wpf Packages

Unofficial OneDriveSDK NuGet
Unofficial CefGlue package including WPF controls. Xilium.CefGlue is a .NET/Mono binding for The Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) by Marshall A. Greenblatt.
Just a bunch of controls, converters, and extension methods for WPF.
Treenumerable.VisualTree.WPF is a general purpose library for enumerating, traversing and querying WPF's visual tree.
Prism6 Integration for DContainer
C# wrapper for IVirtualDesktopManager on Windows 10.
A bridge between Youtube javascript Iframe api and C#. Contains a wpf usercontrol that shows a youtube video with support binding. This package only support 32 bit and must have build platform x86 and not anycpu.
Modern WPF Themes (chrome for external window)
Fody plugin that converts automatic C# property into WPF DependencyProperty during build. This version is signed
Useful WPF utilities
WPF / MVVM Utilities
The .NET C# port of libspiro - conversion between spiro control points and bezier's.
Makes WPF ViewModel classes smart by default. Implements INotifyPropertyChanged and DelegateCommands for auto properties, recognises dependent properties, connects property changed handlers, triggers validation. Supports virtual properties with Entity Famework.
Common WPF and Other cool Stuff Bug Reports Please at Or directly
Application Utility for Wpf
A WPF MessageBox logger implementation for Microsoft.Extensions.Logging. This can be used to debug design time issues. Commonly used Methods: MessageBoxLoggingBuilderExtensions.AddMessageBox Commonly used Types: MessageBoxLogger
Reporting in WPF (XAML) made easy
Cross-platform class library for using in GUI-applications based on WPF, UWP or Xamarin Forms.
Provides active list extensions for data tables.
Common infrastructure for WPF projects