Top 20 NuGet wpf Packages

Advanced rich text and document processing control for .NET. For more information visit: Documentation available at:
Interface for the WPF helper method - Add-in X
主要基于WIndows的桌面程序时,使用WPF开发样式 及控件 支持Net4.0
This is a component for WPF applications. It represents the custom Touch Keyboard.
WPF Library which helps to create text box which has look feel plus functionality similar to IP text box
NOV Grid for .NET is a high performance Data Grid component for displaying and editing tabular data within your WinForms, WPF, Silverlight, MonoMac and Xamarin.Mac applications. For more information visit: Documentation ava...
This SSRS ReportViewer library is a standalone WPF library helping developers to display, save and print, local or remote SQL Server Reports.
5 Skins.
Component for creating interactive tours for WPF applications
An on-screen keyboard component that enables text and shortcut input through touch, mouse or stylus events. The control works similarly to Windows Mobile embedded keyboard, letting users input text into the currently focused entry field.
XAML Styler is a visual studio extension, which formats XAML source code by sorting the attributes based on their importance. This tool can help you/your team maintain a better XAML coding style as well as a much better XAML readability.
Binds an enum to a ComboBox for WPF.
GridExtra is a custom panel library for WPF/UWP.
XAML Customs Controls
Font-Awesome-4.7.0 for Windows Forms and WPF
WPF controls for the iconic font and CSS toolkit Themify Icons. For examples Themify-Icons:
Utilities for XAML. Copy Paste Excel, etc.
Commonly Used Types: StringFilter AdvancedStringFilter TreeItemStringFilter
This a simple controls library that can be helpful to WPF application developers
Macroresolute Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Effects Library.