Top 20 NuGet sqlserver Packages

A lightweight and high-performance Object/Relational Mapping(ORM) library.
AntData.Orm For Dotnet Core
Rrs.Logging.SqlServer Class Library
Generic tools for EntityFrameworkCore
Cocoon ORM is a simple .NET object-relational mapper alternative to Entity Framework or NHibernate. Cocoon ORM supports SQL Server, and SQL Azure.
This .NET library simplifies data mocking for UnitTests, to avoid a connection to a relational database. DbMocker use the standard Microsoft .NET DbConnection object. So, you can mock any toolkit, including EntityFramework, Dapper or ADO.NET; And for all database servers (SQL Server, Oracle, SQLite...
Extensions to support ConnectionSettings with Insight.Database.
SqlKata + Dapper + Canducci Wrapper Extensions + SqlServer
Ventura SQL is an integrated solution for retrieving and updating ADO.NET (including SQL Server) data in a genuine 3-tier architecture at record performance. Ventura SQL is the hyper productive alternative for the Entity Framework/Web service combination. The client runtime for .Net Standard works w...
SqlDatabase is a tool for SQL Server, allows executing scripts, database migrations and data export.
公共ADO数据访问DBHelper和Tools工具类, 原Jurassic.Com的.netcore版本
Extensions for HttpClient and Custom Repository based on dapper
.NET library with common methods for simplified data access, data table arrangements and data IO
Implementation of Butterfly.Core.Database for MS SQL Server
Allows combining DB operations and NServiceBus sends/publishes into atomic transactions
EDK4Net is a framework designed to simplify the development of applications and libraries in c#/ available for .NET Framework 4.5.2 and .NET Core 2.2. The main features of the framework are: ORM, proprietary query language, Logging, Auditing, Caching, Localization, Customized web controls for ...
Easy read and write in your DB Simple to use: only 2 lines of code to read and write in SqlServer table! DataManager DM = new DataManager("dbname", "catalog", "username", "password"); DataTable res = DM.getAllRecords Datatable ("table to read"); Thats all! More here htt...
The PPWCode Vernacular NHibernate SQLServer library version II.