Top 20 NuGet sqlserver Packages

A database installer engine that automatically handles most installation and upgrade issues, such as script ordering, and table and procedure updates. Easier than EntityFramework code migrations.
SisoDb is a schemaless document-oriented provider for SQL-Server. Using JSON and key-value storage, it lets you persist object graphs without specifying any mappings or extending any base classes interfaces etc. It lets you perform queries against SQL-server, using lambda expressions. It syncs schem...
An idiomatic bulk insert interface for databases. Allows you to bulk insert arbitrary types to an underlying database using a fast insert mechanism specific for that database. Currently supports SQL Server, MySQL, and SQLite. Works on the IDbConnection with extension methods, like Dapper.
SQL Server T-SQL Script DOM. See NOTE: THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL MICROSOFT PACKAGE. It is just a convenient way to include *just* Microsoft.SqlServer.TransactSql.ScriptDom.dll in projects. Please use https...
Sequelocity.NET is a simple data access library for the Microsoft .NET Framework providing lightweight ADO.NET wrapper, object mapper, and helper functions.
Data store repository abstractions.
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SQL Server query execution plan visualizer for LINQPad. Features Include: View query execution plan inside LINQPad View missing indexes for query Create missing indexes directly from LINQPad Open plan in SQL Server Management Studio or other default app Save plan to xml file
Data transformation and analytics library - supporting functions. See the project url for more details.
Data transformation and anaytics library - Sql Connections and readers for Sql Server, Sqlite, PostgreSql & MySql
SQLServer Provider for SimpleStack.Orm
LINQ to DB is a data access technology that provides a run-time infrastructure for managing relational data as objects.
IdeaStudio AspNetCore BaseControllers
This package contains a SqlServer EntityFramework provider for the CG.Linq package.
用于快速创建和更新 .NETCore 2.1 + SQLServer 项目,非常合适敏捷开发; dotnet tool install -g GenMs
Bulk Insert/Update/Delete for Sqlserver
Package Description
A couple of handy MSBuild tasks for SQL Server scripting. Available under the Apache License 2.0.
unQuery is a minimal data access library that makes it as simple as possible to consume and interact with data in SQL Server.
It's the instead connect to Azure Sql Database & Sql Server database connector with our ASP.Net applications & less code to create connection to any type of Sql Database. Example: Console, Web Form, MVC5 applications etc.