Top 20 NuGet solutions Packages

XrmToolBox plugin for fixing sitemaps in managed solutions exported from CRM. When exporting solutions, which include a sitemap, you don't want to include any unnecessary elements. This is especially true when developing 3rd party addons. This tool makes it easy to prepare a valid sitemap and repl...
Mef DependencyResolver for MVC.
Client implementation of Stems Logging API for NLog
Provides a tiny framework for Stems APIs' release notes
Client implementation of Stems Logging API
This is just a test...
Provides utiliy and common functionalities for Stems client applications
Efuelite Solutions CookieHandler package helps developers to set, get and clear cookie in web applications. It also auto encrpyt the cookie and decrypt the cookie to ensure security.
Empiria Ontology, ORM, messaging and other foundation types.
Empiria Ontology, ORM, messaging and other foundation types.
Efuelite Solutions Cryptography package helps developers to generate strong passwords, hashing of passwords and authentication of supplied hash passwords to be used in .Net Applications, This pacakge also encrypts and decrypts text,messages in very secure formats to be transmitted safely through any...
Decorate your controllers with ExplicitDisposeAttribute to automatically dispose objects via ActionFilterAttribute.OnActionExecuted.
Use strongly-typed values from appsettings.json or any other config.json files. Supports List of Native Types and accepts CustomParsers for complex types.
Efuelite Solutions DateHelper package helps developers to manipulate datetime values with various built extension methods.
Efuelite Solutions RandomHelper helps to generate random numbers as string used for One time password
Offering you a complete abstraction of the UnitOfWork-Pattern with the basic CRUD-Operations, the Repository Pattern and extended functions like CustomRepositores all in one small lib. Made for the Entity Framework.
Autofac solutions for .Net framework
NHibernate solutions for .Net framework
Implement SoftDeletes using Entity Framework 6.