Top 20 NuGet solutions Packages

A combination of Command, Request-Response and Mediator Pattern.
Simple MEF-ied logger via NLog.
Uon.TestLibrary e apenas um exemplo
.Net connector for Tom PIT cloud solutions.
Enterprise solutions for .Net framework
Common contracts for .Net Core
Create default Users and Roles using Asp.Identity.
Use strongly-typed values from appsettings.json or any other config.json files. Supports List of Native Types and accepts CustomParsers for complex types.
Load EmL related classes into the container.
Mef Bootstrapper.
ClassFactory Contracts.
Allows creation and promotion of releases within Octopus Deploy
This package gives us facility to add,subtract,multiply numbers
A library used for generating solution files.
DataRepository base classes using Entity Framework Code-First.
Library for Bot Solution Extensionss