Top 20 NuGet sitecore Packages

NitroNet package for Sitecore
NitroNet package for Sitecore
Adds support for content multi-site sitemap.xml for the Sitecore Elision framework
An open source development accelerator designed by the team at Perficient and released to the Sitecore community as a quick-start tool for beginning Sitecore projects.
Experience Profile Express Tab aims to make adding tabs to the Experience Profile as easy as possible. This package is code only, for config install EPExpressTab
NitroNet Unity package for Sitecore
NitroNet Castle Windsor package for Sitecore
A CLI application to use the Leprechaun codegen framework for Sitecore.
Provides code generation to Leprechaun using C# scripts, executed with Roslyn.
The web project config for the Fortis package
Mvc stuff for sitecore
Module to allow environment specific styling (and text) on login screen and header ribbon for Sitecore 8+
Glass & Sitecore 6.6 extensions for Lucinq 2.9
Get your Sitecore solution started with help of Bootstrap.
Algolia ContenSearch provider for Sitecore 7
Algolia ContenSearch provider for Sitecore 8.1
Lightweight content delivery runtime familiar to Sitecore developers, based on ASP.NET Core. You can choose to use Sitecore as a backend for managing content or you can roll your own
Redis item store for Lightcore.Runtime
Algolia ContenSearch provider for Sitecore 8.2
Propeller Mvc is a small framework which handles alot of the mapping between Sitecore items and project models. Another goal for this project is to make the develepment experience more like ordinary mvc.