Top 20 NuGet sitecore Packages

Umbrella for Sitecore JSS is a utility that synchronizes items from your Sitecore JSS to your local JSS development environment
Unit testing framework for Sitecore.
TokenManager is a Sitecore module designed to manage, analyse and inject any content into a rich text field, all the time being completely flexible and extensible. This package is code only; install TokenManager for config.
Propeller Mvc is a small framework which handles alot of the mapping between Sitecore items and project models. Another goal for this project is to make the develepment experience more like ordinary mvc.
Utilities to assist in unit testing with Synthesis
Sitecore Mobile SDK (SSC) for Xamarin is a framework that is designed to help the developer produce native mobile applications that use and serve content that is managed by Sitecore. The framework enables developers to rapidly develop applications utilizing their existing .NET development skill set...
A series of helpers and utilites for working with forms in MVC.
A module for creating Sitecore components using React
SiteSeeker integration module for Sitecore
A module for people who want to keep track of Item and Template changes while working on new features. It enables you to automatically track those changes and add additional Items manually to the process. At the end of your work, you can generate an Item Package which contains all those changes with...
A simple set of utility classes and a sample T4 template that allow easy code generation for Sitecore templates from Rainbow / Unicorn serialized items. Currently, only the YAML serialization format is supported.
Sitecore Dynamic Sitemap XML module
Propeller Mvc is a small framework which handles alot of the mapping between Sitecore items and project models. Another goel for this project is to make the develeper experience more like ordinary mvc.
Atlas is the Deloitte Digital Framework for Sitecore Development
Propeller Logger is an log4net appender for sitecore which make send events directly to logstash
An add-on to Kamsars Dianoga Module that utilizes the ImageMagick library to restrict image dimensions based on Media.Resizing settings in Sitecore.
Sitecore Universal Tracker SDK 1.0 is a .Net Standard Library that provides the interactions and events writing API for client .NET applications. The Universal Tracker SDK serves as an interface that connects the Universal Tracker service and an application to let users work with native objects rat...
Sitecore package installer and remote publishing over HTTP
A framework for creating a strongly typed model of the Sitecore API. For Sitecore Mvc projects.
Persistence layer for sitecore using glass.mapper