Top 20 NuGet sitecore Packages

Constellation is a collection of utilities for .NET CMS implementers. The Feature.SitemapXml namespace contains Http Handlers which intercept the request before it hits Sitecore. The /robots.txt handler returns a basic document stating that all agents have access to the sitemap.xml file. (there is ...
TFS Plug-In for Rainbow
Sitecore Pathfinder toolchain.
MSBuild extensions for building Sitecore icon zip archives and including them in the published website
Kraft Wrapper is a library that make Sitecore API injectable and unit testable. It is interface based, model of the Sitecore API, which is included auto mapping from an item to your model class.
Minimal package for Sitecore 8.2+ projects. Compatible with new csproj format.
This extension triggers the Sitecore rebuild process on post deployment for Sitecore Legal Demo on AppSource.
A small lib for making simple UI tests for Sitecore backend