Top 20 NuGet sharepoint Packages

nunit 2 runner for sharepoint projects (in order to be able to do integration tests)
nunit 3 runner for sharepoint projects (in order to be able to do integration tests)
Date picker and calendar components for HTML5 and JavaScript®/TypeScript/AngularJS.
SharePoint Solution Deployer package for SharePoint 2010, and SharePoint 2013
Keyword Query Language .NET for MS SharePoint
A useful entity mapper for SharePoint 2016 SSOM API
Provides common MetaPack contracts for solution packaging and deployment.
A package to emulate SharePoint CSOM.
NLog logger for FluentlySharePoint library
This package contains the Office SharePoint Tools for the SharePoint Client Side Object Model libraries for 2013 (on-premises)
The SharePoint Genesis Framework for SharePoint 2010 gives you a new way to declare fields, content types, list instances and feature definitions in code. It also gives you a more flexible solution for handling entities than SPMetal and Linq-2-SharePoint.
log4net SharePoint 2013 Appender
ShareCoffee.Search - Search Addons for ShareCoffee
ShareCoffee.UserProfiles - UserProfile Addons for ShareCoffee
The project contains some of a very useful helpers and extension methods for .NET and SharePoint.
TypeScript Templates is a set of SharePoint Client-Side Rendering (CSR) templates and helper functions to change behaviour of standard forms.
Query the SharePoint Search for People
Supports creation and submission of provisioning requests to the Repstor SharePoint Provisioning Engine.
This package contains SharePoint Client Object Model libraries for SharePoint 2013 - May 2018 CU version