Top 20 NuGet sharepoint Packages

This NuGet package includes assemblies needed to use the Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Client Object Model for .NET managed applications : - Microsfot.Sharepoint.Client.dll Version= - Microsfot.Sharepoint.Client.Runtile.dll Version= - no use for Msoidclil.dll anymore
A simple wrapper around the SharePoint Client Side People Picker. This works with SharePoint Hosted Apps as well as farm solutions.
Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.dll Version=14.0.7006.1000 Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Runtime Version=14.0.7007.1000
Adds the libraries for managed client object models in Microsoft SharePoint 2013: Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.dll Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Runtime.dll Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Search.dll
Tokenhelper and associated classes for SharePoint Online that supports Dependency Injection.
SharePoint CAML query builder - Build CAML queries using Lambda Expression with simple POCOs.
This package contains the SharePoint Client Side Object Model libraries for 2013 (on-premises)
SharePoint deployment and configuration package for SignalR-v2.1.1
Adds reference to Microsoft.SharePoint.ApplicationPages.Administration.dll
Share .NET is SharePoint API for .NET, Mono, Xamarin (Android, iOS), Universal Windows Platform.
Generic picker component for HTML5 and JavaScript®/TypeScript.
Libs for SharePoint
Adding Angular Goodness to your SharePoint Addin by Adding module element contains angular app scaffolding. Adding New app part which represents the main page for your angular SPA
Wrappers for SharePoint objects
Bravo app class, for the app template.
SharePoint Random Data and Structure Generator Library
Make it easy to authenticate your app that uses the OneDrive SDK
This package contains SharePoint Client Object Model libraries for SharePoint 2016 - May 2018 CU version
This package adds SharePoint client object model assembly references and token helper code to the ASP MVC Web API project for SharePoint Online. These items make it easier to develop the web project if the web project needs to access data from the SharePoint Add-in.