Top 20 NuGet sharepoint Packages

'ENMARCHA SharePoint' es donde desarrollamos la implementación de SharePoint OnPremises, ofreciendo una capa de abstracción a la API de servidor que ofrece Microsoft SharePoint.
This library utilizes the SharePoint REST api as an object model.
Sharepointations - A data annotation and setup framework for working with Sharepoint items (Content types, fields, list). Also contains method to populate your sharepoint lists with lots of random (reasonable) data for various testing purposes (scalability, ui, etc). The package also contains a p...
Supporting library for Azure Function apps which receive messages from Azure Functions for SharePoint installations
Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing.dll with XML Documentation
TypeScript Templates is a set of SharePoint Client-Side Rendering (CSR) templates and helper functions to change behaviour of standard forms.
This is a compiled package of AppForSharePointOnlineWebToolkit ( This package is not maintained by Microsoft. * If you only want code bits, download the original package. * Any compiled version of 3.1.4.* conta...
Appenders for SharePoint 2010 and 2013. Currently SSOM only.
Framework for Microsoft SharePoint© 2010, 2013 and 2016. Allows to map list items to simple hand-writen POCO classes and perform actions by manipulating with entities. - strong typed operations with items - abstract layer on Sharepoint object model - simplifying recurring routine a...
SharePoint solution that adds some custom UI elements on field edit pages for field properies that can be used in SharePoint, but has no UI and can be updated by code (for example, JSLink property). Tha pack consists of SPMeta2 model and js-file Can be used in SharePoint Foundation 2013, SharePoin...
CAML.NET Utilities for MS SharePoint
SharePoint SPMeta2 Deploy Extentions
A package to emulate SharePoint CSOM.
The SharePoint Genesis Framework for SharePoint 2010 gives you a new way to declare fields, content types, list instances and feature definitions in code. It also gives you a more flexible solution for handling entities than SPMetal and Linq-2-SharePoint.
A lightweight annotation library to be used on POCO's for auto generating Content Types, Fields/Columns and Lists in Sharepoint. Used in combination with the Fianbakken.Sharepointations library for easy deployment/setup and testdata
Extension Methods to help getting and setting values to sharepoint list items
Simplifies creation of SharePoint CAML queries for client-side scripts. Can be used with SharePoint Client Object Model and SPServices.
ShareCoffee - The SharePoint App Helpers
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