Top 20 NuGet sql Packages

Provides a distributed lock implementation based on SQL Server
The Transient Fault Handling Core provides the retry mechanisms to make your application more resilient to transient faults in both synchronous and asynchronous scenarios.
LINQ to SQLite is a data access technology that provides a run-time infrastructure for managing relational data as objects. Install this package only if you want to use database model scaffolding using T4 templates (requires Visual Studio or Rider), otherwise you should use linq2db package.
Db to csv converter library.
Fast lightweight data access library for .NET Core (micro-ORM): simple API for CRUD operations, dynamic queries, SQL commands generation (command builder), abstract queries that have simple string representation + parser, schema-less data access, flexible query results mapping to annotated POCO mode...
Evolve is an easy migration tool that uses plain old sql scripts. Its purpose is to automate your database changes, and help keep those changes synchronized through all your environments and developpement teams. Every time you build your project, it will automatically ensure that your database is up...
This sample is a WebDAV server with Microsoft SQL back-end that runs on IT Hit WebDAV Server Engine for .NET. It stores all data in Microsoft SQL database and can run on ASP.NET Core on Windows, OS X and Linux. The sample keeps documents, folders structure, locks and custom properties in SQL ...
Adds the execution capabilities for SqlKata
Proxy to be able to Sync through an ASP.NET CORE application. Choose a Dotmim.Sync provider and protects your database call through web api calls only. This assembly is meant to be used from your ASP.Net core Web Api project, and will handle all http requests calls.
Support for SQL Server for Hangfire.Tags. This seperate library is required in order to search for tags, and proper cleanup.
The official collection of get, insert, update and delete helpers for Also handles lists of entities and optional "dirty" tracking of interface-based entities.
The library enables to create/use different engine databases for consuming Route4Me system. Supported database engines: - MsSql (SqlExpress, LocalDb) - MySql - PostgrSql - SQLite The library is done in the c# (.net core) envirnoment and it's platform-independent.
DB Compare compares two instances of a SQL Server database. This project has been on .Net Framework for about 10 or 12 years or more. Today I got motivated and converted it to .Net 5, and a bunch of other Nuget packages. I converted this project to a Nuget package, because I know expecting develope...
PostgreSQL-based persistence for Rebus
Light, simple and fast convention-based code-first POCO ORM for VistaDB. Support for Creating and Dropping Table Schemas from POCOs, Complex Property types transparently stored in schemaless text blobs in VistaDB.
.Net Ad Hoc Report Builder and Embedded Analytics for MVC that allows programmers to easily add Report building functionality to their ASP .NET Web Application
LambdicSql's purpose is to generate sql text and parameters from lambda.Generate sql text and parameters by LambdicSql.And execut and map to object, recommend using dapper or sqlite-net-pcl. Target frameworks are .netframework3.5~, pcl, .netstandard1.2~.
Easy to use web server for building web apps that use sql databases generated automatically from c# classes.
Inflatable is a simple ORM.
基于Dapper二次封装的ORM,支持原生SQL CRUD和Linq CRUD