Top 20 NuGet msbuild Packages

Package to enable the code-behind file generation during build time
Get msbuild info
An MSBuild logger that can be passed to MSBuild to record a detailed structured log file. See usage example at:
Exposes the following information for use directly from MSBuild, C#, F# and VB: $(GitBranch), ThisAssembly.Git.Branch $(GitCommit), ThisAssembly.Git.Commit $(GitSha), ThisAssembly.Git.Sha $(GitBaseVersionMajor), ThisAssembly.Git.BaseVersion.Major $(GitBaseVersionMinor), ThisAssembly.Git.Ba...
An MSBuild SDK package for SDK-style .NET projects that has additional properties and targets which extends `Microsoft.NET.Sdk`.
The SonarScanner for .Net Core from version 2.1 allows easy analysis of any .NET project with SonarCloud/SonarQube.
Additional MSBuild targets and properties for .NET projects. Especially enhances Xamarin targets. Enables better development practices with CI/CD pipelines. See the Wiki on GitHub for more information in how to Get Started or customize your experience.
An MSBuild target for linting TypeScript code using TSLint.
The MsBuild support for the Cake.Issues addin for Cake allows you to read issues logged as warnings in a MsBuild log. This addin provides the aliases for reading MsBuild warnings and providing them to the Cake.Issues addin. It also requires the core Cake.Issues addin. There are also additional add...
MSBuild integration for the Yarn package manager. Yarn is an alternative package manager to NPM. This package bundles Yarn so MSBuild projects can invoke yarn without needing to install it separately.
Automatically replace <inheritdoc /> tags with inherited documentation at build time. Integrates with MSBuild, so no command line tool or VS add-on required.
This is an MSBuild task to help minify and/or combine JavaScript and/or Cascading Style Sheets.
MSBuild tasks and targets for build-time Swagger and OpenApi document generation This package was built from the source code at
MSBuild targets for compiling a Git repository hash into .NET assemblies.
Provides MSBuild traversal logic.
Provides targets for projects that do not compile an assembly.
Sets version information using GitVerison variables if available
Adds ci environment based metadata to the assembly via the AssemblyMetadata attribute
A fluent interface for generation MSBuild project files.
MSBuild ILMerge task allows you to use the famous ILMerge utility (ILMerge nuget package, see in automated builds and/or Visual Studio 2012 projects. It is similar to the ILMerge.MSBuild.Tasks nuget package, originally published by ne...