Top 20 NuGet msbuild Packages

Package to enable the code-behind file generation during build time
An MSBuild target for linting TypeScript code using TSLint.
The SonarScanner for .Net Core 2.1 allows easy analysis of any .NET project with SonarCloud/SonarQube.
An MSBuild logger that can be passed to MSBuild to record a detailed structured log file. See usage example at:
Additional MSBuild targets and properties for .NET projects. Especially enhances Xamarin targets. Enables better development practices with CI/CD pipelines
An MSBuild SDK package for SDK-style .NET projects that has additional properties and targets which extends `Microsoft.NET.Sdk`.
Get msbuild info
The MSBuild SDK containing build targets and runtime.
Exposes the following information for use directly from MSBuild, C# and VB: $(GitBranch), ThisAssembly.Git.Branch $(GitCommit), ThisAssembly.Git.Commit $(GitSha), ThisAssembly.Git.Sha $(GitBaseVersionMajor), ThisAssembly.Git.BaseVersion.Major $(GitBaseVersionMinor), ThisAssembly.Git.BaseVe...
Provides easy way to execute NuGet-based MSBuild tasks.
Generates source link for GitHub repositories.
An MSBuild task to transpile JavaScript via Babel.
NuProj provides an MSBuild-based approach to create NuGet packages (.nupkg). The build projects are called .nuproj files and are regular MSBuild projects. In general, the definition of a NuProj file is very similar to the NuGet .nuspec file – except that it is done via MSBuild. In fact, NuProj gene...
MSBuild tasks providing git repository information.
MSBuild tasks providing source control information.
Easy-usage, Git-based, auto-generate version informations toolset.
Generates source link for VSTS Git repositories.
Tool for converting a MSBuild project file to VS2017 format and beyond.
A fluent interface for generation MSBuild project files.
MSBuild task to restore Nuget content files to project folder