Top 20 NuGet list Packages

Given a list of non-negative integers, get the highest and lowest values that can be obtained by concatenating the integers together.
Extensions to transform IEnumerable into other generic collection types, including async versions.
Lightweight and serializable PagedList implementation for .NETStandard 2.0+ For collection types: IQuryable<T>, IEnumerable<T>, ICollection<T>
.NET Portable Class Library that provides a very simple implementation of an immutable list of (cons) cells.
Editor template for inline editing list of items. ASP.NET MVC version.
Editor template for inline editing list of items. ASP.NET Core version.
Pacote responsável por extender as funcionalidades das coleções do C# ### Recursos disponíveis - SplitCollection (Divide uma coleção em coleções menores, baseado em uma quantidade de registros informada)
Package Description
A serializer for complex objects based on the maximum compression of the file. Used for data transfer, as well as for files. Uses the reflection of identical data. Will help save more space up to 70%. An excellent way to transfer the encryption object.
Unified algorithm support for indexed .NET collections.
A jQuery Mobile plugin for MVC that supports adding and removing items from a list Model.
ErrorList module for Gemini, providing a tool window to display messages, warnings and errors.
Extensions to HtmlHelper for things like checkbox lists, adds support for most to HTML5 input types and provides a fluent strongly-type way of specifying attributes.
Static classes for ASP.NET MVC to do some common operations. See the home please:
An immutable, covariant list with eager load semantics.
A library for object and collection pooling and various other things. Documentation is found on the project site.
Paging and list helpers
These custom controls make it faster and easier to create great apps using Xamarin.Forms. The controls currently included are: SimpleList: For small lists, the UI of the built-in ListView leaves a lot to be desired. You can use a StackLayout, but then you lose the ability to have an It...
A simple jQuery plugin to make list of elements selectable. This plugin is in its initial release and ready to be public tested. There are a bunch of features that could be included but it was left for next updates to keep this initial version simple. The goal of Selectfy is to provide a simplistic...
The List Picker is an alternitive to the built in Umbraco list data types of dropdowns, checkboxes and radio button lists. This data type differs in that it allows you to select a dropdown, checkbox or radio button list then add the item to the list with display text and a value and finally a way to...