Top 20 NuGet list Packages

The extension method can be used to chunk an IEnumerable into multiple lists of a specified size.
Provides GeoJSON.Net Converters from / to the MS SQL Spatial types.
A Kendo UI plugin for MVC that supports adding and removing items from a list Model.
SeedPacket 3.0 (BETA) adds a .seed() method onto IEnumerable for the quick seeding of data. Designed to be a part of your LINQ workflow, it quick generates and populates many IEnumerable list types with realistic data. Ex: var mylist = new List<Item>().Seed(). SeedPacket is easy to use, with a cust...
A jQuery plugin for MVC that supports adding and removing items from a list Model.
RadioButtonList and CheckBoxList for WinForms
Serilog Redis sinks that logs to a Redis List type
VivaldiSoft.Extensions is a cross-platform open-source library which provides helpers and utilities to .NET developers
MIT licensed C#/.NET parser and writer for Apple and GnuStep Property Lists, supporting ASCII, Binary and Xml formats, based on Java's dd-plist.
A Bootstrap plugin for MVC that supports adding and removing items from a list Model.
Contains various extension methods for collections
A flexibly configurable, beautifully animated, device-rotatable drop down list widget for Android.
Extensions to expose lists, collections, dictionaries, and enumerables as read-only. IList<T>.AsReadOnly() ICollection<T>.AsReadOnly() IDictionary<TKey,TValue>.AsReadOnly() IEnumerable<T>.AsReadOnly()
.NET library that mimics behaviour of some Haskell functions and types.
A generic tree library in C# that focuses on hierarchical entity representations. Features: full LINQ querying, intuitive manipulation of nodes, error detection (e.g. cycles), class extensibility (e.g. to accommodate business rules), format conversion / serialization.
An auto-serializing, in memory, optimized, lightweight, persistent database as a drop in to List.
Data provider for project's static data needs like continents, countries, cities, currencies, university
Classes to support a business logic layer or an API. Keep child-parent relationships in sync. Wrap a result with data along with a Successful flag and a list of messages. Keep business logic units separate, implementing ISideEffect. Check whether a list is dirty.
Sticky header for Android RecyclerView. You can make sticky items in RecyclerView with this library.
An elegant context-care loading placeholder for Android